Is Western Europe Committing Cultural Suicide?

By Vincent J. Truglia

My initial premise is that Western civilization is based on Judeo-Christian religious traditions. Anyone who tries to separate Western civilization from Judeo-Christian culture is simply distorting an historical fact.

The US Supreme Court

In the US, it wasn’t until the Supreme Court, in the early 1960s and 1970s, decided that the formal separation of church and state implied zero tolerance of Judeo-Christian traditions. This completely new interpretation of the US Constitution has had a profoundly negative effect on Western culture because this pernicious and novel view slowly worked its way into Western European legal systems.

I hope that as Trump adds new justices to the Supreme Court, these newly invented interpretations of the Constitution will be overturned.


The European Union had its historical basis in the belief that first, Catholic Europe, and then Christian Europe, needed to unite together. Adenauer, De Gasperi and Schuman, the men who started it all, are probably turning in their graves as Western Europe slowly de-Christianizes. To understand this you need to understand Islam’s long tradition of Hijra. The Muslim migration to Western Europe represents Hijra at its best. For those who may not be familiar with Hijra, here is what I wrote about it last year. The link is:

Only when you understand the role Hijra plays in the spread of Islam, will you be able to see how dangerous this migration is to Western Civilization and culture.

Fighting the Last War

One problem countries often have is they wind up fighting the last war, when, instead, they often face an unprecedented new threat. In the case of Germany, in particular, this is clearly the case. There is no doubt that very few Germans would want a repeat of the Nazi period. To defend themselves against that threat, there are many laws on the books, which attempt to make sure that outright racism is not tolerated. However, the problem is that limitations on free expression now are so draconian that important political issues cannot be discussed rationally. We Americans would find the restrictions on free speech, not just in Germany, but also throughout much of Western Europe, as intolerable.


Germany’s media is obsessed with reporting on the far right, while the media tends to ignore anything negative related to the migrant influx. Only recently, the news about the rape and murder of German medical student Maria Ladenberger, the daughter of an EU Commission official, by an Afghan asylum seeker was suppressed. At first, the national media decided that such a rape and killing was simply a one-off crime and didn’t warrant nationwide coverage. However, since it became news around the world, eventually a German TV network released the information, which was immediately criticized by many in Germany for doing so. This was not an isolated incident. Sex crimes by migrant men have soared across Western Europe. Yet, apparently, since such reports reflect badly on migrants, it seems to the country’s traditional elite that it is better to suppress the news than report it. The most egregious example of this was the massive number of sexual assaults in Cologne last New Year’s Eve. Over 1000 women reported sexual assaults on that single night directly in front of the Catholic Cathedral. However, there was no reporting about it for many days. It appears the German government feels that protecting the reputation of migrants is more important than protecting German women. During the Nazi period reports about supposed crimes committed by Jews were clear fabrications. Today, criminal charges against the migrants are based on observable facts.


Sweden has suffered even more than Germany from the migrants. In recent months, because of the sharp increase in crime in a country not used to it, Sweden has begun to get tough with migrants, causing many migrants to leave for other European countries. Nonetheless, Sweden, too, is filled with establishment people who seem to lack any common sense. For instance, Lutheran bishop, Eva Brunne, asked churches in Sweden to remove their crosses so as not to offend Muslims.

The Netherlands

Just a few days ago, the leader of the party expected to receive the most votes in next year’s Dutch election (the Party for Freedom) was found guilty of defaming Moroccans because he said the number of Moroccan immigrants needed to be limited. The judge said, “If a politician crosses the line, that doesn’t mean free speech is being restricted. A crime cannot be protected by the right to free speech.” Calling for a restriction on immigration is a crime and then saying it doesn’t represent a restriction on free speech is Orwellian. Western Europe’s establishment is increasingly clueless.


Belgium is at the forefront of Islamization of Western Europe. About 25 percent of the population of Brussels is already Muslim. Over 50 percent of Brussels’ public student population is Muslim. About 40 percent of public school students in Antwerp are Muslim. Brussels is likely to have a Muslim majority within less than twenty years because not only is the Muslim birthrate higher, but also many non-Muslim residents are leaving the city in droves for Walloon and Flemish Brebant, and other provinces.


You may have thought that Italy was a Catholic country. Think again. Only recently, there was a huge protest against a news anchor who wore a crucifix around her neck while on TV. Muslims said this was offensive. This should not be surprising since the Italian judicial system has already removed all crosses from Italian schools because Muslims found the sight of a cross offensive.

The list of examples of the slow suicide of Western Civilization in Western Europe could could go on and on.


What we are witnessing is the slow but steady fulfillment of Hijra. Migrate first. Cause local people to learn about Islam. As the Muslim population grows, marginalize non-Muslims. Historically, once the Muslim population reaches about 40 percent, then that region has reached a tipping point. Soon after, that location witnesses legal Islamization. I find Islamization of the West as intolerable. Why? Just look how Christians and Jews are treated in Muslim countries, and increasingly in Muslim dominated neighborhoods in the West. It’s not a pretty picture.

As always, Clear and Candid.